Your very new corporate digital account

Enjoy all the benefits of a legal person account on your own smartphone.

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Incomes and payments right in your hand

Less paper work for your company and more independence for your employees.

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Green lights for growing teams

Devices that fit the needs to leverage your business results

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More than
We are a Fintech Company key player in a corporate market.
More than
banking transactions
a year
Technology, innovation, and security are essential factors. But expertise also counts.
Roll back
trees in deforestation progress
The equivalent of 40 thousand square meters replanted. Our legacy is to leave a better world than when we arrived.

Complete Solutions

Modernize and optimize management, streamline processes, value the teams and reduce costs.
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Manage finances, payment flows and operations without red tape and restrictions of banking process.

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In a purpose to uncomplicated and providing tax exempting for the benefit chain that your company offers to the employees.

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Value who makes the difference and set the right recognition without any hassle of logistics.

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More than just cards

Our unique app turns every card into a true digital account.

  • Checking accounts

    View your balance, entries simply and quickly.

  • Transfers

    Transfer money to other bank account or other CIA.CARD cards.

  • Payments

    Pay bills, stips, and also shop online by CiaCard app, quickly and safety.

  • Carregamentos

    To Enter Credit on prepaid mobile phone or on SPTRANS CARD (SP public transportation card) with just one click.

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